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Established in 2006 and still going strong

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Market Harborough

Business Networking Market Harborough is not complete until you visit The Market Harborough Business Club.

The biggest brake on your business is what you know. It’s a fact that your business potential is likely to be confined within the limitations of your own knowledge & experience.

There could be a hundred different & better ways to tackle your most important issues. But unless you know about them you’re trapped in the same old conditional responses.

There’s no doubt you have made the same recurring mistakes as everybody else in business. Wouldn’t it be helpful to avoid making costly mistakes in the first place? Wouldn’t you want to know what’s likely to work and what’s not before you did anything?

Imagine turning the intellectual experience and power of a diverse and motivated business support group on your own challenges and goals. A group with hundreds of years of raw business experience and millions of pounds of tested investment, mistakes and all.

Imagine the power of local business owners focusing on your challenges and not just yours. Imagine you could gain access to an expanding group of business professionals including experts in finance and accounting, business process specialists, marketing professionals, and business managers who have been through it all. That’s exactly what you get when you join the Business Networking Market Harborough Group.

Market Harborough Business Club

Market Harborough Business Club is a business network dedicated to sharing insight, ideas and experience. It’s not a typical networking talking-shop we focus on practical ways to grow your business, profit, and effective business management through group consulting, development workshops and shared experience.

It’s like having you to the power of many.

What are you waiting for, expand your mind. Call for a no obligation meeting with the Market Harborough Business Club.

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